Every Time I Die on bowling, beards & Billboard

After 15 years, Buffalo, NY metalcore band Every Time I Die charted in the Top 20 with a record that found them exorcising demons. Ahead of tonight’s show, Cult MTL spoke to frontman Keith Buckley about Ex Lives, looking back in anguish and ushering in more lighthearted material, possibly about solving Rubik’s cubes while masturbating.

Want whiskey? Go here

Burgundy Lion debuted what it thinks is the largest whiskey collection in North America last week. Cult MTL was on the scene, for the sake of journalism.

New venue Turbo Haüs blasts off

Local punks/heavy rockers Trigger Effect christen their new show space, Turbo Haüs, tomorrow night, but Cult MTL readers get a sneak peek today at the venue and its wicked artwork by En Masse.

Local celebs’ poutine picks

We asked prominent locals Cadence Weapon, Abeille Gélinas, DeAnne Smith, DJ Vilify, Yung Chang, Bilal Butt and Tracy Little to dish on their favourite poutines in town.

Heaven sent churros to Montreal

If heaven’s a piece deep-fried dough — and of course it is — then the churro is a product of immaculate conception. Here’s where to find this delicious Mexican treat in Montreal.