Dexter: Season 7 wrap-up

Spoiler alert! After wrapping up an explosive and blood-soaked seventh season, Dexter is now in the home stretch. Details on the season and questions Dexter will have to answer in next year’s final season.

Local lowbrow art at liquidation prices

A one-day-only sale lets you scoop up art by tattoo and lowbrow artists including Hilary Jane, King Len, Angie Fey and Melissa Valiquette, Ghoulish Gary, Danielle Paré, Matt Darling and Rick Trembles for less than 100 bones.

Learn to fucking cook: pumpkin pie

Did you promise (or get volunteered) to make a dessert for a dinner party, but only realized later that you don’t know how to fucking cook? Happens all the time. Lucky for you, our new column will teach you some basics to trick your friends and family into thinking you’re a culinary wizard.

Today’s Sounds: The BCASA

The new EP by your favourite local punk kids (to shake a fist at) the BCASA + a new track by NYC’s Guards and a ridonkulous video by Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire.