REVIEW: The Nasty Show could use more filth

“Maybe mainstream comedy has become so degenerate that a showcase of humour derived from all that’s putrid and vile doesn’t make sense anymore. That or my polluted millennial mind has spent so much time in the gutter that nothing fazes me.”

It’s your turn, McGill

“A Toronto university has demonstrated that it’s possible to shed unsavoury historical baggage by changing its name. I don’t normally recommend following Toronto’s example, but McGill would be wise to do the same.”

How Bicycle Bob “vélorutionized” cycling culture in Montreal

“Robert Silverman had two goals: to make cycling seem like a normal urban activity, and to encourage the city to develop infrastructure to support a growing number of people using cycling as their primary means of conveyance. Either of these tasks was an uphill battle. Doing both simultaneously was Silverman’s life work.”