The political class sees no problem with unnecessary mass pollution and police ops

“Politicians — a group of people well known for the near constant presence of their heads up their own asses — are exactly the kinds of people who would tell you to take the bus and turn down the thermostat to lower your carbon footprint, all while their motorcades and jumbo jets spew pollution and emissions far in excess of what most people will produce in their entire lifetimes.”

Why we can’t forget Polytechnique, and why we shouldn’t

“The massacre left an indelible imprint on Quebecers, and Montrealers in particular. It also had very real legal consequences: nearly all of Canada’s modern gun control legislation came about as a consequence of the lobbying by the gun control advocates born in the hallways and classrooms of Polytechnique on the night of Dec. 6, 1989.”

The greatest art heist in Canadian history happened in Montreal 50 years ago today

“On Sept. 4, 1972, three men rappelled through the skylight of the Museum of Fine Arts and stole millions of dollars of precious jewellery and priceless paintings. They escaped into the night, running down Sherbrooke Street, never to be seen again. In getting away with it, they created a mystery that may live on long after they’re gone, but the authenticity of some of the paintings they took won’t ever be confirmed unless they’re returned.”