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Best of MTL 2020: Media in Montreal

Old and new media collide in this category, collecting your favourite radio and TV hosts, magazines, Twitter and Instagram accounts & more.

Best of MTL 2020: Media in Montreal

As always we thank our readers for voting us into the #1 spot for both Best Newspaper and Best Magazine — we like to think of ourselves as a magazine on newsprint, so we’re pretty guilty of blurring the line there. We will take issue with our win in the Best Website category, however — sure our site is great (especially after the redesign we did a year ago), but how could we possibly have beaten Pornhub? Especially during the pandemic, when they’re offering their premium content for free (not a sponsored sentence). We assume that a fair number of voters don’t know it’s a local site. It’s the only explanation. On another note, shout-out to FNoMTL for winning Best Instagram and Best Twitter, and to #GeekTastiqCypha (part of the Franklin Armstrong Collective) for rising up into the Top 5 from last year’s #9 spot in Best Podcast.

Best Radio Station

  1. CKUT 90.3FM
  2. CJLO 1690AM
  3. CHOM 97.7FM
  4. CBC 88.5FM/93.5FM
  5. Virgin 95.5FM
  6. CISM 89.3FM
  7. CJAD 800AM
  8. ICI Radio-Canada Premiere 95.1FM 
  9. The Beat 92.5FM
  10. TSN 690AM

Best Radio Show

  1. Underground Sounds (CKUT 90.3FM)
  2. La soirée est encore jeune (ICI Radio-Canada Première)
  3. Country Classics (CKUT 90.3FM)
  4. Terry in the Morning (CHOM 97.7FM)
  5. Des si et des rais (CHOQ.ca) 
  6. The Montreal Forum (TSN 690AM)
  7. Gothic Runoff (CJLO 1690AM)
  8. Les criquets crinqués (CISM 89.3FM)
  9. Plus on est de fous, plus on lit (ICI Radio-Canada Première)

Best Radio Host

Julien Bernatchez Best of MTL 2020 Media Montreal
“Montréal, j’aimerais [CENSORED] partout sur toi, tu gorges mon [CENSORED] d’un plaisir si pur que je dois le partager à tous avant de retourner sur ma planète.” —Julien Bernatchez, Best Weirdo #4, Best Radio Host #5 (Best of MTL 2020: Media in Montreal)
  1. Terry DiMonte
  2. Mitch Melnick
  3. Jason Rockman
  4. Nick Schofield
  5. Julien Bernatchez
  6. Tony Marinaro
  7. Paul Arcand
  8. Wizzy MoonChaser
  9. Mike Finnerty
  10. Patrick Masbourian

Best TV Station

  1. CTV
  2. CBC
  3. Radio-Canada
  4. Télé-Québec
  5. Global
  6. Vtélé
  7. TVA
  8. RDS
  9. MATV

Best Newscaster

  1. Mutsumi Takahashi
  2. Céline Galipeau
  3. Patrice Roy
  4. Paul Karwatsky
  5. Pierre Bruneau
  6. Julian McKenzie
  7. Pascale Nadeau
  8. Kim Sullivan
  9. Debra Arbec

Best TV Personality

Dino Babydoll Luciano Best of MTL 2020 Media Montreal
“Any sort of culinary recognition is like a love boost. I’m in love with food, I’m in love with feeding people, so knowing that I have this sort of recognition and people enjoy my food and they love what I do makes me feel really good inside. I came [to Montreal] to study food and to eat at different places, see what people have to offer and I connected with people that way. It’s nice to know I’ve won the hearts of people through their stomachs.”—Dino Babydoll Luciano, Best Chef #4, Best TV Personality #5, Best Hip Hop Act #5 (Best of MTL 2020: Media in Montreal)
  1. Mutsumi Takahashi
  2. Jay du Temple
  3. Jean-René Dufort
  4. Horacio Arruda
  5. Dino Babydoll Luciano
  6. Marc Labrèche
  7. Véronique Cloutier
  8. Guy A Lepage
  9. Julian McKenzie
  10. Kim Sullivan

Best Magazine

  1. Cult MTL
  2. Lez Spread the Word
  3. Urbania
  4. Maisonneuve
  5. Fugues
  6. Nouveau Projet
  7. TimeOut Montréal
  8. Vice
  9. Elle Québec
  10. Also Cool Mag

Best Newspaper

  1. Cult MTL
  2. The Gazette
  3. Le Devoir
  4. Métro
  5. Journal de Montréal
  6. The Link
  7. Community Contact

Best Website

  1. cultmtl.com
  2. pornhub.com
  3. mtlblog.com
  4. montreal.eater.com
  5. mtlcityweblog.com 
  6. reddit.com/r/montreal/
  7. urbania.ca
  8. lapresse.ca
  9. timeout.com/montreal
  10. FranklinArmstrong.com

Best Twitter

  1. @FNoMTL
  2. @CultMTL
  3. @UmaGahd
  4. @Pornhub
  5. @TrannaWintour
  6. @titocurtis
  7. @TonyMarinaro
  8. @EvelyneBrochu
  9. @ToulasTake
  10. @harrisonweinreb

Best Instagram

  1. @fnomtl
  2. @all_day_breakfast
  3. @burymeatleritz
  4. @murphycooper
  5. @pontomtl
  6. @onarollrecords
  7. @umagahd
  8. @tristanginger
  9. @actionfigyskinny
  10. @marisaparisella

Best Podcast

2 Fxfs le Matin Best of MTL 2020 Media
“C’est une consécration de notre statut de gay icon, mais aussi preuve qu’une vie sexuelle avec de multiples partenaires peut paver le chemin vers la gloire.” —2Fxfs le Matin, Best Podcast #1 (Best of MTL 2020: Media in Montreal)
  1. 2 Fxfs le Matin
  2. Chosen Family
  3. GeektastiqCypha
  4. Mike Ward Sous Écoute
  5. WellSaid
  6. Les Mystérieux Étonnants
  7. Sounds of a Decade
  8. Des si et des raies
  9. Cheapy Tuesdays
  10. The 1st Half

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