Little Italy Best of MTL 2020 People & Places

Little Italy. Photo by Cindy Lopez

Best of MTL 2020: People and Places in Montreal

Your picks for Hottest Montrealer, Tackiest Personality, Best Weirdo, Best Neighbourhood, Best Instagram Spot and more!

Best of MTL 2020: People and Places in Montreal

With The Daily Trudeau Show on the TV in many households over the past few months, our Prime Minister remains on the minds of many — Justin Trudeau wins Hottest Montrealer yet again, despite (or because of?) the beard, and hair that’s looking more and more 19th century every day. Hairdressers, you are missed. (Trudeau is also #5 Tackiest Personality, possibly for reasons beyond the superficial.) A man who’s been getting almost as much shine as Trudeau on our website lately, François Legault, wins Slimiest Politician yet again, but also comes in at #2 for Best Politician — in Legault’s case, his (brief) post-COVID approval bump may have come into play, or perhaps these two categories are somewhat interchangeable. Congrats to our mairesse Valérie Plante for winning Best Politician AND sliding into #2 Hottest Montrealer. She does look pretty cool in a mask (and no, that’s not meant to be snide).

Hottest Montrealer

  1. Justin Trudeau
  2. Valérie Plante
  3. Tranna Wintour
  4. Maripier Morin
  5. Évelyne Brochu
  6. Céline Dion
  7. Horacio Arruda
  8. Xavier Dolan
  9. B4 Ali
  10. Tristan Ginger

Best-Dressed Montrealer

  1. Céline Dion
  2. Justin Trudeau
  3. Lily Monroe
  4. Tranna Wintour 
  5. Murphy Cooper
  6. Cary Tauben
  7. Be Rosey
  8. Maripier Morin
  9. Evelyne Brochu
  10. Lavender May

Best Sports Personality

Felix Auger-Aliassime Best of MTL 2020 People & Places
“Many thanks to the readers of Cult MTL. I am delighted to have such fantastic fans who always cheer for me when I play in Montreal or anywhere else in the world, it means a lot to me. I wish all of them much strength and courage in these trying times.”—Felix Auger-Aliassime, Best Sports Personality #4 (Best of MTL 2020: People and Places in Montreal)
  1. Laurent Duvernay-Tardif
  2. Carey Price
  3. Brendan Gallagher
  4. Félix Auger-Aliassime
  5. Max Domi
  6. Georges St-Pierre
  7. Thierry Henry
  8. Youppi
  9. Eugénie Bouchard
  10. Georges Laraque

Tackiest Personality

  1. Céline Dion
  2. Mado Lamotte
  3. Mose Persico
  4. Véronique Cloutier
  5. Justin Trudeau
  6. Uma Gahd
  7. Julie Snyder
  8. Michèle Richard
  9. MC Gilles
  10. Éric Lapointe

Best Weirdo

Uma Gahd Best of MTL 2020 People & Places
“I can’t deny the fact that you like me! RIGHT NOW! YOU LIKE ME! Bless all the people who vote for me year after year. To those who are too scared to get political, or to engage in deep and crazy ways with our community, this proves that you can do it and still be loved. Get out there, use your voice for the better. #BlackLivesMatter #PrideWasARiot Gahd Bless!”—Uma Gahd, Best Weirdo #5, Best Twitter #3, Best Play #4 (Are You There, Margaret? It’s Me, Gahd) (Best of MTL 2020: People and Places in Montreal)
  1. Natasha Nebula
  2. Beaver Sheppard
  3. Murphy Cooper
  4. Julien Bernatchez
  5. Uma Gahd
  6. Mado Lamotte
  7. Hollywood (banana man)
  8. Céline Dion
  9. Sergio Da Silva
  10. Edith Ronne

Best Social/Political Cause

  1. Climate change/climate march
  2. COVID-19 / #cavabienaller / CERB
  3. Wet’suwet’en/First Nations rights/reconciliation
  4. Dans la rue/fighting homelessness
  5. Gentrification/housing crisis/rent strike
  6. Anti-Bill 21
  7. Animal rights /SPCA
  8. Black Lives Matter
  9. Veganism
  10. LGBTQIA+ rights

Best Politician

  1. Valérie Plante
  2. François Legault
  3. Justin Trudeau
  4. Manon Massé
  5. Craig Sauvé
  6. Horacio Arruda
  7. Sue Montgomery
  8. Sterling Downey
  9. Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois
  10. Alexandre Boulerice

Slimiest Politician

  1. François Legault
  2. Justin Trudeau
  3. Valérie Plante
  4. Denis Coderre
  5. Jean Charest
  6. Lionel Perez
  7. Luc Ferrandez
  8. Sue Montgomery
  9. Gaétan Barrette
  10. Benoit Dorais

Most Heinous Scandal

  1. CHSLD Herron/COVID-19 response
  2. Bill 21
  3. SNC-Lavalin
  4. Sue Montgomery
  5. Pipelines
  6. Éric Salvail
  7. Lead in the water
  8. Airbnb/housing crisis
  9. Trudeau blackface
  10. Halloween cancelled

Best Neighbourhood

  1. Mile End
  2. Rosemont Petite-Patrie/Little Italy
  3. Plateau
  4. NDG
  5. St-Henri
  6. Verdun
  7. Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
  8. Villeray
  9. Parc Ex
  10. Centre-Sud/Village

Best Place to Have Public Sex

  1. Mount Royal
  2. Parc Lafontaine
  3. Lachine Canal
  4. Wiggle Room bathrooms
  5. Cinéma l’Amour
  6. Jarry Park
  7. Verdun beach
  8. Various spots in Concordia including the CJLO couch
  9. Jeanne Mance Park
  10. Datcha bathrooms

Best Instagram Spot

  1. Belvedere on Mount Royal
  2. Pastel Rita
  3. HideSeek pop-up
  4. Beaver Lake
  5. Orange Julep
  6. Parc Lafontaine
  7. Botanical Garden
  8. Crew Collective Café
  9. 9095 du Parc
  10. Darling

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