Sunday, June 23

* Vintage streetwear flea market
* St-Jean in Villeray
* $5 night at Turbo Haus
* Long weekend party at Newspeak
* Misstress Barbara at StereoBar

Sunday, March 31

* Used Book Swap
* Dimanches du Vices
* Xuan Rong at Breakglass Studio
* K-pop at MainLine
* Swervedriver at Turbo Haus
* Ben Shemie at Sala Rossa

Monday, Nov. 26

* Crate & Vinyl at Junior
* CUTV Video Watching Machine Comedy Show
* First Daughter and the Black Snake at Cinema Politica
* House House Press soft launch
* Jeffrey Lewis at Escogriffe
* Petra Glynt at la Vitrola

For saké’s sake

Association Saké Québec president Alexis Bertrand on the first edition of the festival and where to find great saké in Montreal.

Quebec Election 2018 cheat sheet

Cult’s Rob Jennings offers up a comprehensive and non-biased overview of the upcoming provincial election with a focus on what it all might mean to Montrealers.