It’s time for Bell Let’s Talk to put up or shut up

Bell Media’s well-documented past with exploitation and mistreatment of their employees makes their annual nationwide campaign to combat stigmas surrounding mental illness ring hollow — especially when the company never met its 2011 donation pledge and continues to make a ton of money from this marketing/PR exercise.

23 things we want the Habs to do in 2023

From trade, draft and Laval manoeuvres to moving Carey Price to management to giving Slaf more ice time to ditching the cursed Reverse Retro jerseys, the Canadiens have a long to-do list for the new year.

Phoenix, Alpha Zulu: REVIEW

“Instrumentally full of texture and colour — the album was recorded in the Louvre Palace, after all — Alpha Zulu boasts some of Phoenix’s most glittering pop tunes.”