Trailer Park Boys Xmas Christmas

We found weed worthy of the Trailer Park Boys and Halifax donair cravings

Revisiting Sunnyvale Trailer Park, specifically the season 4 episode “Dear Santa Claus: Go Fuck Yourself,” alongside some pipe hits of OMY Crumbled Lime, a sativa with 27.3% THC.

How the fuck is it already almost 2024?

The weather’s officially in the minus columns, folks — and that, unfortunately for us stoners, means going outside to smoke will be significantly less pleasant as the winter months roll along unceremoniously. Luckily, there’s never a bad season of the year to smoke (though doing it in -30 weather is incredibly far from ideal), and I’m back with my final column of the calendar year.

Grown by Montreal’s own Greentone Enterprises, the OMY Crumbled Lime is the strain I’m going with this month. Despite my utter disbelief about it almost being Christmas again, I figured it was time I taste-tested this bad boy while watching a Christmas special — specifically a 420-friendly one. Turns out I only need to look to Sunnyvale Trailer Park for that. Here’s how it all went down.

OMY Crumbled Lime

The name “crumbled lime” definitely checks out here, as it didn’t take much for me to crumble these buds through my fingers once I took the container home. Dry and easily breakable as the buds may be, it’s how it makes you feel once it hits your lungs that matters — and at least it delivers on that front. Made of caryophyllene (one of the spicier terpenes out there), the smell is mostly earthy, but with a bit of a gassier scent, too. 

Clocking in at around 27.3% THC for me (it ranges between 24 to 30% in general), it’s also quite fast-acting, as I got nice and toasty off of merely a pipe hit or two. It’s a sativa in the truest sense, as it makes me feel stoned while not feeling entirely and abjectly unmotivated to do things (other than pissing the day away on Netflix). It’s not a bad high, though it feels a bit static and mostly focused toward the front of my head. If I do a lot of it, though, the experience becomes substantially more cerebral and visceral.

Speaking of Netflix, I decided to put on the Trailer Park Boys season four Christmas special, titled “Dear Santa Claus: Go Fuck Yourself.” They had me at the title alone, but the episode itself is another example of why TPB is one of the GOAT stoned-watching shows. Even while smoking, I could tell this was going to be a good strain to watch shows with.

This entire Christmas special is a flashback to Christmas 1997, showing how many key events in the series originated. Such events include — but definitely aren’t limited to — Randy developing his love of cheeseburgers. I’ve got to say: this show really missed an opportunity to put the Halifax donair at the forefront as far as food goes. But also, I just really miss Halifax donair, and am annoyed I can’t easily find any in Montreal. (While we’re on the subject of food, I smoked this and wound up ordering from Van Horne Pizzeria — tasty pizza with thick crust if you’re in or around Outremont.)

The episode is your standard Trailer Park Boys fare: Ricky gets bailed out of jail (much to his chagrin, surprisingly); he has a kerfuffle or two with Mr. Lahey; Cory and Trevor are idiot sidekicks when the boys want to steal Christmas trees; Lahey spills a bottle of eggnog everywhere and collapses to the ground shitfaced on more than one occasion; a shootout erupts at one point; Ricky tries selling drugs during a church service; followed by moments of genuine heart between Ricky, Julian and Bubbles. And of course, there’s a scene where Ricky — of all people — shows us what the true meaning of Christmas is about. Eat your heart out, Linus!

The weed: 8.5/10

The Trailer Park Boys Christmas special: 8/10

Halifax donair: Always 10/10

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This article was originally published in the December 2023 issue of Cult MTL. 

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