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Does cannabis unlock the true magic of A Charlie Brown Christmas?

“Who’d have thought Charlie Brown could thoughtfully teach kids about both depression AND dismantling capitalism?”

Before this issue, I’d never watched a Christmas movie stoned. I felt like it would be quite a trippy experience watching films involving Christmas trees while smoking actual trees. But alas, here I am, making all of that change — and which better movie to go down that cannabis enhancement rabbit hole with than my favourite holiday movie ever, A Charlie Brown Christmas?

I knew I was in for a wild ride, too, as I’m smoking a hybrid that hits harder and faster than I thought. Not bad for a government-approved, budget-friendly strain. In fact, it’s one of the better strains I’ve tried since I started this column almost a year ago. Here’s how it all went down.

HYBRID: Good Supply Tangie Green

At around 18% THC, this strain gives me a comfortable and relaxing high, making things around me feel more vivid and impressive. When the piano comes in for “Christmastime Is Here” at the start of the movie, it definitely hits a bit differently. These buds lose points, however, due to their dryness and brittleness. Nonetheless, they smell nice even if the aroma’s potency is below-average. And when they kick in, they hit you quick and HARD. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast-acting this strain was, as I started feeling pretty blasted while only being halfway through the joint I rolled. Better yet, I rebounded quickly when I smoked it after starting to come down from my previous high. Naturally, I ordered a karaage don (fried chicken, rice and lettuce with Japanese mayo and a lemon) from Tsukuyomi on St-Laurent — if you eat meat, I highly recommend it.

cannabis A Charlie Brown Christmas
Does cannabis unlock the true magic of A Charlie Brown Christmas?

Now, for the cinematic component of this issue’s column. I’ve seen A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) over the holiday season more times than I’d dare to count, but never while high… until now. For my money, it’s one of the Christmas movies that has aged the most beautifully over the years — unlike, say, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964), where sexist language surprisingly runs amok. In fact, I think A Charlie Brown Christmas was ahead of its time. With rampant consumerism threatening to help cause irreversible climate damage, the film’s strong anti-consumerist message is more relevant than ever today. Who’d have thought Charlie Brown could thoughtfully teach kids about both depression AND dismantling capitalism? (Also, as far as I’m concerned, the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s soundtrack is the ONLY Christmas music you need to hear.)

The most lovable loser in cartoon history is feeling down in the dumps about Christmas, and is tasked with directing the Christmas play. When asked to buy a tree for the set, he goes with the saddest, most bare-bones tree in the lot. Though he’s mocked mercilessly by the other kids for it, I honestly think it was a brilliant choice. Nowadays, that tree could pass for an art piece at the Musée de Beaux-Arts. It’s also a metaphor of sorts for minimalism, and resisting materialistic temptations, which makes Charlie a true hero in my book. The pine needles fall off as he picks it up, and yet he still feels content with his choice, knowing he stuck to his guns and stood up for what he believed in. Hell, he even skips and hops away gleefully after being humiliated by his peers, and vows to redecorate the tree himself.

I never thought I’d get this analytical with a Christmas movie geared toward children… I guess that’s the sign of a good strain!

The weed: 8.5

The movie: 10

This column originally appeared in the December issue of Cult MTL.

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