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Photo by Thorsten Technoman

Quebecers are least likely to travel abroad this summer

À 2022, Paris.

A new study by Leger Marketing has examined the willingness of Canadians to take a summer vacation this year. The study found that in Canada, just 31% of people plan to travel this summer, with Quebecers being the least likely to want to travel internationally.

Just 5% of Quebecers planning to travel this summer are likely or somewhat likely to travel to the United States; 6% of Quebecers feel the same regarding international travel to other destinations.

Ontario was the province whose respondents planning to take a summer vacation were most likely to choose the United States (15%) or other international destinations (13%) for their travel plans. Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta residents were the most likely Canadians to want to travel to other provinces within Canada this summer.

The study also found that the majority of Canadians don’t feel comfortable travelling to the U.S. till 2022.

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