Backxwash Top 100 Montreal Songs 2020


The Top 100 Montreal Songs of 2020, pt. 5

The final installment in our 9th annual list of the year’s best tracks produced in the city.

10. “Braids” by Anachnid

“Because you gotta be yourself.”

9. “Ageless” by No Joy

“Because I love/hate the 90s.”

8. “Ting Tun Up” By Skiifall feat. Yama//Sato

“Because Skiifall’s next up.”

7. “Dopamina” by de.Ville

“Because no song transported me more in 2020.”

6. “Pony” by SLM

“Because she flexed on everybody.”

5. “G.O.A.T. Talk (Remix)” by Naya Ali feat. Benny Adam and White-B

“Because I’m a sucker for seamless anglo to franco bars.”

4. “Si j’étais un homme (Value Sound Version)” by Elle Barbara

“Because you don’t mess with the House of Barbara or Tell Rembobinée.”

3. “Mariposa” by Isabella Lovestory

“Because this is a reggaeton town.”

2. “Iced Out Baby-G” by Nate Husser

“Because everyone needs a victory song after an unlikely K.O.”

1. “Redemption” by Backxwash

“Because we went to hell and back in 2020.”

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