Top 100 Montreal Songs 2020


The Top 100 Montreal Songs of 2020, pt. 2

The second installment in our 9th annual list of the year’s best tracks produced in the city.

Click here to see pt. 1 of Cult MTL’s ninth annual list of the year’s Top Montreal Songs — expanded to 100 from 30 just for 2020. Pt. 2 is below. Happy listening!

80. “Than Us” by Zandoli ii

“Because it always got me moving.”

79. “Le Queens” by Plants and Animals

“Because very Montreal songs and videos by very Montreal bands always gets some love.”

78. “Jack Johnson” by Jaymie Silk

“Because Silk dropped a ton of fascinating music in 2020, but he saved his best for the end.”

77. “Lost Song” by Sea Oleena

“Because of the way it gradually surrounds me.”

76. “Walking to the Dep” by Magi Merlin

“Because walking to the dep was the only exercise some of us got this year.”

75. “Récession Disco” by Key Watch

“Because the disco recession is basically happening now.”

74. “Eat Drink Remarry” by Brittany Kennell

“Because sometimes you need a second chance to make a first impression.”

73. “GPS” by Montrealways feat. Numb Blond

“Because Montrealways knows how to roll with the vibe.”

72. “Heat Wave” by Gulfer

“Because we can just fade out until next year.”

71. “Find Myself” by Mont Duamel

“After years of behind the scenes work as Billboard, Mont Duamel is ready for his close up.”

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