Top 100 Montreal Songs 2020


The Top 100 Montreal Songs of 2020, pt. 2

The second installment in our 9th annual list of the year’s best tracks produced in the city.

70. “Grande Amoure” by IDHEM

“Because of the breakdown when the snaps come in.”

69. “Wake” by Syv de Blare

“Because Syv sounds epic.”

68. “Weight of that Weekend” by Land of Talk

“Because Liz Powell is the master of getting you to feel what they’re feeling.”

67. “Swedish Nights” by Sorena

“Because Sweden had a rough year.”

66. “Warble” by Sayveeyun

“Because it feels like getting sucked into a black hole.”

65. “Nighttime (Skin)” by Cedric Noel

“Because this got me in my 90s Can Rock feels.”

64. “Simple Life” by Maybe Babs

“Because if someone asked me if I liked Folklore, I’d tell them about this.”

63. “In Every Mountain” by Yves Jarvis

“Because Yves’ musical journey keeps taking interesting turns.”

62. (Double Raphaelle duel) “Here 4 U” by Braids or “I Felt Love” by Blue Hawaii

“Because she’s holding down two jobs!”

61. “Tout recommencer” by Hoodstock feat. Marco Volcy, Imposs, Shreez, Tizzo, Sarahmée, Rosalvo, Meryem Saci

“Imposs dropped two major posse cuts in 2020, but we’ll give the edge to this one.”

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