Marie Davidson & l'Oeil Nu

Marie Davidson & l'Oeil Nu

The Top 100 Montreal Songs of 2020, pt. 3

The third installment in our 9th annual list of the year’s best tracks produced in the city.

Click here to see pt. 1 and here to see pt. 2 of Cult MTL’s ninth annual list of the year’s Top Montreal Songs — expanded to 100 from 30 just for 2020. Pt. 3 is below. Happy listening!

60. “Mi Querer” by Ramon Chicharron

“Because Ramon always sounds like he’s having a blast.”

59. “What’s Ur Damage!?” by Honeydrip & Victor Bongiovanni

“Because Honeydrip dropped a couple of great tracks on a couple of great comps.”

58. “Loud” by Shreez

“Because Canicule is here to remind us what the real loud is.”

57. “Ride or Die” by Shah Frank

“Because there are a lot of ride or die songs, but Shah makes it sound fresh.”

56. “Jerome” by November

“Because I’d be afraid if my name was Jerome.”

55. “Daya3” by Wake Island

“Because try saying ‘Daya!’ in an undramatic way. You can’t.”

54. “Red” by Choux

“Because shoegaze!”

53. “Duh” by Sankya feat. Jayne

“Because Sankya is badass.”

52. “Can We Be Friends?” by Claire Ridgley

“Because this hook kept getting stuck in my head.”

51. “Hummin’ Around” by the Adam Brown

“Because this hook REALLY kept getting stuck in my head.”

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