Marie Davidson & l'Oeil Nu

Marie Davidson & l'Oeil Nu

The Top 100 Montreal Songs of 2020, pt. 3

The third installment in our 9th annual list of the year’s best tracks produced in the city.

50. “Merry Go Round” by TeslaRosa feat. Meryem Saci

“Because this is a fun car jam.”

49. “P’tit Jeremy” by Freakey! feat. Quadracup

“Because Freakey is an awesome producer and Quadracup kinda scares me.”

48. “Elixir” by Rosalvo

“Because Rosalvo rapping over kompa sounds just right.”

47. “Drowning in Paradise” by TOPS

“Because TOPS keep honing their pop craft.”

46. “When Girls Love” by SpiceKiks

“Because it’s a haunting track that sticks with you.”

45. “Café Com Leite” by Poirier feat. Flavia Coelho

“Because I miss sitting in coffee shops listening to coffee shop jams.”

44. “Back to Rock” by Marie Davidson & l’Œil Nu

“Because Marie Davidson has always been a rock star.”

43. “Persuasion” by Solitary Dancer

“Because we still needed to dance.”

42. “Is This What You Really Want?” by the Dears

“Because the Dears dropped a kickass record in 2020.”

41. “Pump Up the Jam” by Damien Robitaille

“Because Damien, his piano and his dog got us through 2020.”

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