An interview with Slowdive

We spoke to one of the U.K. bands that defined the influential shoegaze sound of the early ’90s, ahead of their Montreal show next week.

Dead Can Dance resurrected

Dead Can Dance, being born of two from a land Down Under back in 1980, remains a true testament to the fact that radio, with all its power to drive the music industry, is no match for building a devout fanbase in a more conventional way: word of mouth. Their modern-classical, neo-gothic signature sound, in a similar vein to their contemporaries Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil, struck a chord with listeners seeking a spiritual release via a rather rough, sometimes unstable, ethereal soundscape. Their style could almost qualify as new age, infused with otherworldly electronica and layered with the surreal, angelic incantations of Lisa Gerrard complementing Brendan Perry’s sombre tones.