Quebec liberal party non-Francophones

Quebec Liberal Party still polling below 50% among non-francophones

The Liberals usually poll at 80% with anglophones and allophones.

A new Quebec election poll conducted by Léger has found the Liberal Party (QLP) polling at 18%, 20 points behind François Legault and the CAQ, at 38%. While the Liberal Party is leading among non-francophones in Quebec, they are currently polling at just 46%, which, as Léger President Jean-Marc Léger pointed out in March, is among the first polls in the firm’s history where party support in the demographic has fallen below 50%. According to Léger, the QLP usually polls at 80% among non-francophones.

François Legault and the CAQ are trailing the QLP among non-francophones by 27 points, at 19%. The Conservative Party of Quebec is also polling at 19% in the same demographic.

Legault is the more popular candidate among Quebecers aged 35-54 and 55+, while Québec Solidaire leads among 18–34-year-olds, with 38% support. Legault’s lead is primarily among those 55+, with whom he holds 50% support.

Quebec Liberal Party polling above 50% among non-francophones for first time since March

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