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Québec Solidaire lead with 18-34s, Liberals with non-francos, CAQ with everyone else

The notion that François Legault’s base lies almost entirely outside of Montreal is a myth.

At this point, it seems almost impossible that Premier François Legault won’t win re-election in October, but a new Léger poll singled out exactly two demographics where the CAQ is performing worse than Québec Solidaire and the Quebec Liberal Party.

As we’ve previously mentioned, the CAQ has been polling consistently high, even throughout a pandemic full of unpopular restrictions. François Legault is projected to win the next election with 41% support, four points higher than in the 2018 election. Even a reduction in approval of 10% since December has not shaken the premier’s poll numbers overall, as he’s still leading by 21 points.

The CAQ is ahead in every region of Quebec, including Montreal, as well as every age demographic, other than 18 to 34 year olds, where Québec Solidaire, led by Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, is more popular (24%).

The CAQ is also more popular among francophones (48%), while the Quebec Liberal Party lead among anglophones and other non-francophones (59%).

While François Legault’s overall lead is staggering, his strength demographically is primarily among the 55+ (53%). This is a group other parties, in particular Québec Solidaire, should attempt to target in order to increase their own support and decrease the CAQ’s, without alienating others where they’re already performing well.

The next provincial election in Quebec is scheduled for Oct. 3.

Québec Solidaire lead with 18-34s, Liberals with non-Francos, CAQ with everyone else

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