unvaccinated Quebecers

The vaccine has reduced hospitalizations in Quebec by 61%, deaths by 86%

While daily case counts are breaking records, the vaccine has significantly reduced the number of hospitalizations and deaths in the province.

According to the INSPQ in Quebec, cases have increased by 91.6% between Dec. 21, 2020 and Dec. 21, 2021, from 1,937 to 3,712. However despite the increase in cases, hospitalizations and deaths in Quebec are down 60.7% and 86.2%, respectively, over the same time period. Clearly, the vaccine rollout is the primary reason for the reduction in hospitalizations and deaths in Quebec between Dec. 2020 and Dec. 2021.

Currently, an unvaccinated person in Quebec is 14 times more likely to be hospitalized than someone who is double-vaccinated.

Quebec has announced a series of new public health restrictions to combat the Omicron variant, further reducing hospitalizations and deaths while the booster dose of the vaccine is rolled out. More restrictions are expected to be announced tomorrow.

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