Quebec lockdown Christmas

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Quebec may go back into lockdown after Christmas: sources

Restaurant closures, the extension of school Christmas break and even a curfew are being considered.

According to a government source, Quebec is considering a lockdown after Christmas that would very much resemble the public health restrictions imposed after Christmas 2020. A scenario involving the closure of restaurants (aside from delivery and pick-up), the extension of Christmas break for schools (beyond Jan. 10) and even a curfew is being tabled in meetings today.

This morning Quebec Premier François Legault tweeted that “Quebec is faced with very difficult choices” given the rise of the Omicron variant and daily record-breaking numbers of new COVID-19 cases in the province (5,043 today). Legault and the health ministry are studying the situation this afternoon and will announce their decisions about possible lockdown measures to follow Christmas in a press conference on Wednesday.

CBC is also reporting that Quebec will be requesting armed forces aid from the federal government, particularly to assist with the rollout of booster shots, but that internal discussions reveal that the aid won’t be available before Jan. 1.

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