Top 10 Casinos in Quebec

While some people are committed to playing online, others love the flair and fun that physical casinos bring.

Casinos are growing in popularity in Canada as more people are showing interest in the glamorous side of gambling. While some people are committed to playing online, others love the flair and fun that physical casinos bring.

With this spike in popularity has come an increase in the number of casinos and in their growth, and that’s particularly true of Quebec casinos. This makes it difficult for many people to identify the best casinos to go to. Here, we have provided you with a list of the top 10 casinos in Quebec

1. Casino de Mont-Tremblant

One of the fastest-growing casinos in Quebec is the Casino de Mont-Tremblant. It is an excellent place for anyone who loves to play and earn their favourite games. There’s almost no game you want to play that you won’t find at this casino.

Around this casino, you will find several other fun things and places you can hang around. Your stay in Quebec is not complete as a game lover if you’ve not visited this casino

2. Casino de Charlevoix

The second best casino worth paying a visit to in Quebec is the Casino de Charlevoix. Whether you’re coming to this casino for the first time or visiting again, there are several things about this casino that make it great.

From the availability of different games to fast payout and everything good in-between, this is a top casino for top players

3. Playground

Just as the name implies, Playground is a casino where kings play. Are you looking for the best progressive slots to play? Can you stake high, taking the risk that comes with earning high? Then make your way to the Playground to have one of the best gambling experiences of your life.

In this casino, just like, you will find other game lovers like yourself willing to share helpful tips for staking and earning better.

4. Aventure du Husky

Located in one of the best places in Quebec, Aventure du Husky is another amazing casino. For many players, the security of payment remains a challenge when playing in casinos. This is why players always love to go to a casino they can trust; Aventure du Husky is one such place.

Not only will you find your favourite game in this casino, but you also don’t have to worry about payouts. As soon as your winnings are confirmed, you can get your money!

5. Casino de Montreal

If you stay in Quebec or you’re travelling into Canada for personal or professional purposes, the chances are that you have a list of fun places to go and things to do. As a game lover or someone who loves to gamble, the Casino de Montreal should be on your bucket list.

The serene atmosphere of this casino is what makes it a great place to be. There are no disturbances, meaning you can have all the peace of mind needed to stake on your favorite games.

6. Rodeo Ste-Brigide

Rodeo Ste-Brigide has long been on the list of the top 10 casinos in Quebec, and many keep wondering why. A visit to this casino will confirm to you what makes it outstanding.

While you might plan to spend some time here, the ease of play and availability of different features will have you staying longer than planned.

7. Hippodrome 3R

Established recently, Hippodrome has found its way to the top 10 casinos in Quebec. This casino is rated one of the best to play due to the abundance of positive feedback from players.

The customer care section of this casino is great and always available to answer any question you have about any game or feature.

8. Kinzo Saint-Jérôme

Are you looking for a casino that offers impressive bonuses? Then you should look no further than Kinzo Saint Jerome. Every minute spent here is a fun minute, and if you are good with your strategies, you can earn more money.

From progressive jackpots to slot games, there are different options that you can choose from depending on what you want. There are low-stakes and high-stakes games all coming at different risk levels.

9. Salon de jeux de Trois-Rivières

A user who played in the Salon de Jeux de Trois-Rivieres had this to say: “It was a fun experience as there were several games to play.” Reading through several other reviews, you will discover that different people share the same view.

However, beyond the availability of different amazing games, you can also enjoy several bonuses, especially if you are new to this casino.

10. Salon de Jeux de Québec

This list of the top 10 casinos in Quebec will not be complete without mentioning Salon De Jeux De Quebec. This casino is not just popular in Quebec alone but also in Canada. Everyone who stays in Quebec or travels into the city from other places always loves to stop over and have fun playing in this casino.


You can walk into any of these casinos to play and stake your favourite games to earn more money. They offer different games, amazing bonuses and several features you will love.