Best of MTL 2018: Nightlife

“What an honour to be nominated in the Top 5 Best Bartender list. I’m excited to represent part of the Montreal industry in such a great magazine. Séquito [her award-winning cocktail] means entourage, family and community. It pays homage to my colleagues friends and mentors. It’s a refreshing and tropical cocktail for all to enjoy […]

Best of MTL 2018: Media

“I love this city so much and every year it’s surreal to find myself on these lists. The Best Comedian category means a lot because I have worked my ass off to give this city the kind of smart, original, hysterical, inclusive comedy shows it deserves. Also, thank you for recognizing my hotness; I’m deeply […]

Best of MTL 2018: People & Places

“I am so honoured to appear in the Best of MTL poll for the past few years in a row! I’m so grateful and lucky to have my art be appreciated by my lovely home city. Thank you all so much. Bisous.”—Lavender May, #5 Hottest Montrealer, #1 Best Burlesque Performer Consolidating the Hottest Man and […]

Monday, May 7

* Bâtiment 7 official opening
* Maman Colonelle screens at Montreal Feminist Film Festival
* Ic3Y hosts Rock Camp for Girls* fundraiser
* Double Winter with Dresser and Prime Junk