Best of MTL 2018: People & Places

“I am so honoured to appear in the Best of MTL poll for the past few years in a row! I’m so grateful and lucky to have my art be appreciated by my lovely home city. Thank you all so much. Bisous.”—Lavender May, #5 Hottest Montrealer, #1 Best Burlesque Performer

Consolidating the Hottest Man and Woman categories wrought some interesting results, allowing some of the most popular figures from the cultural fringes — like comedian Tranna Wintour and burlesque performers Tristan Ginger and Lavender May — to rise up in the smokin’ ranks. But not enough to topple Justin Trudeau — it seems that locals familiar with the Prime Minister’s Parc Ex parading weren’t phased by that “controversial” Indian garb.

The international #MeToo movement is reflected in the Best Political/Social Cause and Most Heinous Scandal — in the latter category, votes piled up for blacklisted local celebs Gilbert Rozon and Éric Salvail. And speaking of banishment, we regrettably had to throw out your votes for PK Subban — not because he’s a sexual predator, but because he’s a Nashville Predator. While your admiration for Subban’s hockey prowess and wardrobe persist, his eligibility for this poll is (sadly) game-over.

Hottest Montrealer
1 Justin Trudeau
2 Tranna Wintour
3 Tristan Ginger
4 Evelyne Brochu
5 Lavender May
6 Lenore Herrem
7 Xavier Dolan
8 Eugenie Bouchard
9 Maripier Morin
10 Valerie Plante

Best-dressed Montrealer
1 Tranna Wintour
2 Evelyne Brochu
3 Maripier Morin
4 Justin Trudeau
5 Pierre Lapointe
6 Marc Bergevin
7 Xavier Dolan
8 Lily Monroe
9 Lavender May
10 Tristan Ginger

Best Sports Personality
1 Carey Price
2 Brendan Gallagher
3 George St-Pierre
4 Ignacio “Nacho” Piatti
5 Patrice Bernier
6 Tessa Virtue
7 Max Pacioretty
8 Julian McKenzie
9 Mitch Melnick

Tackiest Personality
1 Céline Dion
2 Mosé Persico
3 Mado
4 Denis Coderre
5 Éric Salvail
6 Justin Trudeau
7 Valérie Plante
8 Michèle Richard
9 Véronique Cloutier
10 Tristan Ginger

“I would like to thank the Cooking Gods for making sure I always have just enough of rice. Know your Rice!!!because you never know when it will be your last to eat rice. Turn off your phones and look to the sky and think of me because I will always be there. I would like to say what’s up to Verdun.”—Beaver Sheppard, #3 Best Weirdo, #4 Freakiest Musical Act, #5 Best Chef (shoutout to #5 Best Neighbourhood)

Best Weirdo
1 Jean Leloup
2 Natasha Nebula
3 Beaver Sheppard
4 Mado
5 Hollywood
6 Nick Younes
7 Murphy Cooper
8 Denis Coderre
9 Spoonman
10 Socalled

Honourable mentions: Jimi Hendrix guy (aka Milford Kemp), Bernie from Dollar Cinema, Anaconda La Sabrosa, André Sauvé, Adam Susser, Anthony from Barfly, Anthony Hansen, Bernardino Femminielli, François Bellefeuille, Julien Bernatchez, Maysr, Rita Baga, Mike Ward, Sugar Sammy, Sterling Downey, Tony Ezzy, Valérie Plante, Velvet LaTouche, Zombie Boy

Bonus: Guitarist in front of a church on Masson last summer, a guy who talked to his backpack at Papineau and Beaubien, Hochelaga hookers, lady in the donut shop on St-Laurent, homeless Senegalese poet, metro violinist busker in dog mask, Booze Crotch, crutch lady

Best Political/Social Cause
1 MeToo/women//feminism/Time’s Up
2 Black Lives Matter/BLM/anti-racism
3 Dans la Rue
4 SPCA/animal rights
5 Indigenous Rights/Native Friendship Centre/Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
6 BSL/pitbull ban
7 Climate change/Environment
8 Marijuana/weed
9 Homelessness
10 Stella

Honourable mentions: Pink metro line, veganism, Taking What We Need/fighting transphobia, minimum wage increase/$15/ basic income, Projet Montréal, Head and Hands, Québec Solidaire, Pussy Patrol, Rap Battles for Social Justice

Best Politician
1 Valérie Plante
2 Justin Trudeau
3 Manon Massé
4 Craig Sauvé
5 Denis Coderre
6 Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois
7 Sterling Downey
8 Amir Khadir
9 Françoise David
10 Luc Ferrandez

Slimiest Politician
1 Denis Coderre
2 Philippe Couillard
3 Gaetan Barrette
4 Valérie Plante
5 Jean-François Lisée
6 Luc Ferrandez
7 David Applebaum
8 François Legault
9 Pauline Marois
10 Jean Charest

Most Heinous Scandal
1 Formula E
2 Gilbert Rozon
3 Construction/road-work/potholes
4 Pitbull ban
5 Éric Salvail
6 Police corruption
7 Concrete stumps on the mountain
8 Bombardier C Series
9 Closing Camillien-Houde to cars
10 Municipal tax increase

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, #4 Best Neighbourhood

Best Neighbourhood
1 Mile End
2 Plateau
3 St-Henri
4 Notre-Dame-de-Grace
5 Verdun
6 Little Italy
7 Rosemont
8 Villeray
9 Hochelaga
10 Parc Ex

Best Place to Have Public Sex
1 Mount Royal
2 The Wiggle Room
3 Lafontaine Park
4 Jarry Park
5 Lachine Canal
6 Metro
7 Old Port/Old Montreal
8 Concordia (libraries and bathrooms)
9 Cinéma l’Amour
10 Foufounes Electriques

Best Instagram Spot
1 Mount Royal lookout
2 Tommy Café
3 Lov restaurants
4 Crew Café
5 St-Laurent Blvd. and surrounding area murals
6 Darling
7 Lachine Canal
8 Agrikol
9 Botanical Gardens
10 Mount Royal Chalet

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