Turntablism goes mobile tonight

Parc and Duluth, 7 p.m. See you there. PLUS: a week’s worth of important parties and shows.

shineI’ll keep the intro brief this week because I’ve gotta get back to speed-refreshing “Rob Ford” in my news browser and see what happens next. I hate that WorldStar, shit but despite that, I’m hoping they break an exclusive soon.

Friday: Let’s get things crackin’ at Bleury bar à Vinyle. I’ll be guest DJing at CJLO’s weekly 5-à-7 series with an all-local set, this week in the esteemed company of deep ‘LO fam J Nice and Lady Oracle of longstanding weekly hip hop heavyweight show The Limelight. It’s last-minute but we’ll be rockin’ it till about 9 p.m., so drop by after work or class, or watching trainwrecks or whatever.

Not to compete with myself, but starting around 7 p.m., the Scratchmobile is loose. I’ve never talked to you about the Scratchmobile because, actually, I haven’t seen it out and about. But I know the dude who built it so well that it’s almost like we could have the same first name or some shit, and I guarantee that if you love turntablism, you should really take a look at that link.

The long and short of it: street scratching on a portable sound system that has already made rounds on the metro, the mountain and beyond. I am definitely trying to get up to Duluth when we’re done on Bleury. Some of the city’s illest rockin’ it flock to this thing whenever it’s out for a spin, so if you’re down for some world-class cuts, dress warm, play nice with the public space, and come check it out with me.

Elementality, meanwhile, bring the Latin lingo rap shit to Piranha Bar with a first-ever Montreal show from Mexico’s Bocafloja and also featuring Montreal’s Shadow Hunters and Cordova, Laval’s Mona, “y mas.” Elementality definitely puts it on for all communities, so it’s free for students and five bucks otherwise. And when was the last time a Mexico-dwellin’ MC kicked it in your area?

Saturday: Kaytranada has sold out le Belmont, but it’s worth keeping an eye on Facebook and so forth for people selling their tickets last minute if you’re bummed by the news.

Or go kick it at Cabaret Underworld, where MEG ushers in the return of France’s Teki Latex with a DJ set alongside Booty Based Mob and Da-P. I can’t see this not being pretty wicked.

That said, an all-night-rager of a five-hour set from Poirier wylin’ out on all kindsa whatever, back at Vinyl, also sounds pretty ill, from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m., with a seven-stone door tax.

Sunday: So you like beats, love bass, are looking to get yourself into some kinda stupor and are set on making Sunday your kinda night. Underworld hosts We Broke tHE bEats II: bAttLE oF tHe BaSS hEAds with Bass Ventura  vs. Bass Mechanics, Famelik, Code and more. And yes, that whole shit just read like an internal memo from Queen’s Park.

Tuesday: I don’t care if Batman himself crashes through the observation deck at CN Tower to save Hogtown from on high, nothing trumps Montreal tonight.

Pete Rock & CL Smooth and Camp Lo bring New York City history to life, also at Underworld. ■




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