What’s your summer jam?

Hip Hop Karaoke happens tonight. Enjoy the staff’s picks for pairings of summer jams and drank. PLUS the week’s other top events in the realm of hip hop and party vibes.

There’s lots of action on the going-out front this week, so I’ll cut to the chase quickly. Before I do, though, a tiny bit o’ housekeeping to keep you sharp: remember that bookending the last week of May are Pusha T and Fabolous at Club Soda, and the legendary d’Angelo at l’Olympia, so get your priorities and your ticket monies straight if you don’t wanna miss out.

Also, next week’s Shine will be one of those “here’s a bunch of links to cool local projects” editions, so artists out there, if you’ve got something hot in the oven — videos or EPs, LPs and mixtapes, to be precise — please do holla, even if it’s to recommend someone else’s stuff (chyeah right!).

No promises that I will use the stuff this time around, since the list-in-progress is already looking pretty tight, but there’s room for more, and ol’ D-Mac always appreciates a little help in keeping up from my fine-ass readers.

Here’s what’s populatin’ this week:

Thursday – Tonight is Hip Hop Karaoke’s “summer jam” edition, and as such, the team at HHK have set the mood for you by telling me their favourite sunshine-y rap jam and the drink that best accompanies it. Here’s what they’re on about:

Dr. 80:  The Foreign Exchange, “Nic’s Groove”: “With a mix of beer, ginger ale, vodka and Redbull. I call it the Russian Haymaker.”

Morgan: Jadakiss feat. Styles P & Eve, “We Gonna Make It“: “With a dark rum on ice, lime twist and sugar on the rim. Served in a cognac glass by Kavita from Blizzarts.”

Deprisk: Kool G Rap, “My Life”: “El Ron Zacapa 23 served neat with a Cuban Cohiba Corona Especial.”

Jas: The Roots feat. Erykah Badu “You Got Me”: “…paired with a glass of half and half. One part grand marnier and the other courvoisier. Classy, sweet and smooth.”

Cee: Kanye West feat. Charlie Wilson & Beyoncé, “See Me Now”: “Northumberland Brasserie Wit Dreams May Come orange-infused wheat beer with a slice of orange on the rim (pause).

DJ Midas: Tha Dogg Pound, “Big Pimpin’”: “…paired with a Hendricks gin & tonic with a cucumber slice.”

Tiff: Snoop Dogg, “Gin & Juice”: “Whilst sippin’ on gin and juice.”

Enzo the Biscuit Boy: DL Incognito, “90 Degrees”: “And a cold kingcan of Bavaria beer.”

So there you have it! Go mix it up with the team and the rabid, thirsty, summer-ready performers and fans at HHK tonight at le Belmont.

I will actually be right down the street at TRH Bar (aka Trash Bar), the new spot in the former Saphir space that, no shit, has a skate bowl built right in the middle of the damn place! I had an awesome time setting the musical vibe for the skaters and dancers last week, and am happy to return tonight and do it again. Dip by and say hi on your way to or from HHK.

Friday – One of tonight’s big tickets is, alas, sold out. Buck 65 and Shad return to Montreal at the Corona Theatre with local support from K6A. As legend has it, tickets for this jammy were only five bucks, and so of course there are none left. What were we thinking?! If you’re shut out, find solace on Cult MTL tomorrow and check out my new interview with Shad. It’s a good one.

Meanwhile, the SAT receives producer/DJ extraordinaire RJD2 for his first visit since 2010. Last time out, Ramble John brought along the band, but I am told that this visit is a return to decks, crates and pads – not that the band isn’t killer, but a little old school RJ will be refreshing. You can probably make it to this in time from the Corona, but if you’re headed straight to the SAT don’t miss returning ex-pat Montrealer DJ Brace as well as fellow guests Dead Horse Beats, Construct and Don Mescal.

On the extra-local tip at Bistro de Paris, you can also check out the many styles of Cyrus with guest Milla Thyme as well as the lovely and talented ladies of rising stars Heart Streets.

Or you can just say fuck it all, drink, dance and Get Nice with Simahlak at Blizz.

SaturdayPlease Me at Salon Officiel gets spooky when rez Mayday receives beat conducta’ Vincent Pryce behind the booth.

Sunday & Monday – It must be shapin’ into summer, despite last weekend’s lovely autumn weather, and so that of course promises the return of Montreal’s favourite outdoor summer sport, Piknic Électronik at Parc Jean Drapeau. A long-weekend double-header gives it up to U.K. house with Laura Jones and Matt Tolfrey, headlining the main stage on Sunday and Detroit techno trailblazer Carl Craig headlining Monday’s special Victoria Day edition.

Tuesday – Local rap duo Obia le Chef & El Cotola, fresh off the plane back from kickin’ it Europe, take over le Belmont to fete the release of their new jawn Le Theoreme. This one is an early freebie, going from 7–10 p.m., and I expect it is fair to say, based on the FB event page, we can probably expect a few extra special guests from the world of franco-rap.

Wednesday – TRH Bar kicks off a new weekly, MTHRSHP, which promises a bottomless mixed bag of styles, genres, DJs, bands, art exhibits, skating and whatever else fits on board. The inaugural edition receives Dorian Grey, CUFT, Mo-Fo and more. “Skate or be stupid” is what I’d say if I could actually skate. ■




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