On the walls: the art you need to see this week

Here’s what up in Montreal’s art scene this week.

Risa Dickens discusses embroidery, memory and mental illness at Data:Salon IV.

At Oboro this week, artist Marie A. Côté presents Jeux de Bols et de Voix. This sound and visual installation also features a collection of clay drawings on paper and porcelain bowls that the artist created exclusively for this occasion.  Côté was witness to an inspiring performance by throat singers from Nunavut, inspiring this installation.  The sounds and echos created from the throat singing as it hits each porcelain bowl are meant to inspire and look at the circularity and movement of sound. Opening April 27, Oboro (4001 Berri), 5 p.m., $10   

Beaux Degats (Beautiful Mess), brought to you by Fresh Paint Gallery, is a mash-up that invites teams of artists to battle it out and produce a piece in a limited amount of time, set in a party atmosphere. This time around, the event will be hosted by Ella Grave and will feature the sounds of Construct, Jams and Def Child.  April 24, Foufs (87 Ste-Catherine W.), 7 p.m, $5.

Data: Salon IV takes place this week, featuring three presentations. The first is “Cross Talk,” by Michael Palumbo, a sound and music piece that invites two singers and audience members to interact with the use of a single instrument. Then, Risa Dickens presents “Pass On,” which employs a host of different media, including performance, sound, embroidery and fabric and even digital files, to tell the story of how mental health can form our identities and what we leave behind.  April 24, Eastern Bloc (7240 Clark), 7 p.m.

Aparté is a solo collection from this Montreal-based, abstract artist Hélène Longval. In addition to the viewing, musician Pierre Labbé will be on hand for this performance. Vernissage on April 25 at Galerie Zephyr 2112 (2112 Amherst) 5 p.m.

Papier2013 is this year’s installment of an annual exhibition featuring works from a collection of artists and galleries. The festival celebrates one of the most basic, but altogether essential, elements in art: paper. You’ll find the various works on the corner of Bleury and Ste-Catherine, April 26-28. ■

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