Burger Week — Diablo’s Smoke House BBQ

Cult MTL staffers do Burger Week!

Photo by Dan Haber

I must say, when Diablo’s Burger Week burger arrived, I was a little nervous.

Never in my life before had I seen a burger so big — think the size of a softball here — and the entire thing had been deep-fried, to boot. Imagine a jelly-filled doughnut, but instead of jelly, picture a burger, and instead of a doughnut, picture a deep-fried crusty shell of a bun — almost like it was protecting the burger inside of it.

Overall, the burger was good. That it was deep fried definitely made it stick out more; otherwise, I’d have to say it wasn’t the best burger I’ve ever had. It seemed a tad over-cooked — the burger didn’t have enough of that juice that I love.

As for the toppings, they didn’t really to stand out to me. All I could really taste was the meat (there was a lot of it) with some bacon and cheese. Maybe some sort of sauce would have been appropriate; even some ketchup or mayo would have done. I only got through half the burger and had to take the rest home to a friend who seemed to rather enjoy it. In any case, I definitely recommend giving it a try, if only for the novelty of saying you’ve eaten a deep-fried burger. 7/10

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