Wednesday, Oct. 7

* Visionary, surreal work by artists including H.R. Giger at Éco-Musée du fier monde
* The biennial VIVA! Art Action begins
* JJ Levine at Concordia Co-op Bookstore’s Local Legends Reading Series
* First Habs game of the NHL season
* Village des Voleurs fundraiser for Jeff Louch at Bar le Ritz PDB
* Milk & Bone afterparty at Datcha

Ask a bro: How about those playoffs?

With the playoffs upon us, we enlisted our in-house bro, Tom Broasso, to give us his take on the Habs-Sens series. We also sent photographer Cindy Lopez out to chronicle some of the fanfare surrounding the games.

WTF: The rest of the week in news

Wondering WTF happened this week? In this week’s Wednesday-thru-Friday round-up, we’ve got that stellar piece of crap “Notre Home,” the Habs buying back their fans’ love and Ste-Agathe kicking the English straight out of its municipal mailings. Yo, what up, Québec?!