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Terra MystiCon

Terra MystiCon

Thursday, Sep 28 , 2 p.m. to Sunday, Oct 1 , 2 p.m.

Welcome to Terra MystiCon, the first-ever convention dedicated exclusively to the beloved board game Terra Mystica. Taking place from September 28 to October 1, 2023, in the vibrant city of Montréal, Québec, Terra MystiCon is a gathering like no other. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the scene, this convention promises an unforgettable experience filled with camaraderie, competition, and shared passion.

Located at the renowned Sid Lee, a multi-functional space in downtown Montréal, Terra MystiCon offers a unique and immersive environment. With carefully selected set-ups, including gaming tables and cozy lounge spaces, we prioritize fostering social interaction and creating a sense of community among attendees. Unlike traditional conferences, our relaxed and comfortable setting encourages gamers of all levels to come together, connect, and celebrate their love for Terra Mystica.

At Terra MystiCon, expect a diverse range of activities that cater to every board game enthusiast’s interests. One of the highlights is the Terra MystiCon World Open, a thrilling tournament where skilled players can showcase their mastery of the game. With multiple rounds of gameplay, leading up to the final showdown on Sunday, players of all levels are welcome to enter and compete for glory.

In addition to the tournament, the convention features dedicated space for open-play gaming sessions. Attendees can enjoy playing Terra Mystica, Gaia Project, and Age of Innovation, as well as explore our game library filled with other tabletop classics. We encourage attendees to bring their favourite games and share their interests with fellow gamers, promoting inclusivity and interaction throughout the event.

Furthermore, Terra MystiCon offers strategy sessions led by Terra Mystica experts, catering to both beginner and advanced players. These sessions provide a collaborative and supportive environment for participants to ask questions, share ideas, and learn from one another. We believe in fostering a strong sense of community and inclusivity, where everyone is welcome with open arms, regardless of their skill level or background.

Throughout the convention, attendees can enjoy light refreshments, and for those aged 18 and above, have the option to bring their own alcoholic beverages or purchase drinks on-site. From engaging games and workshops to friendly conversations and shared laughter, Terra MystiCon creates a space for forging lasting connections, forming gaming groups, and making new friends.

Join us this fall at Terra MystiCon in Montréal for an unparalleled celebration of Terra Mystica and the thriving board game community. With a perfect blend of fun and competition, this convention promises to create cherished memories that will endure long after the event ends. Visit our website at for more details and registration.

Contact Aaron Webber, Co-founder of Terra MystiCon, at for any inquiries or further information.

Date and Time

Thursday, Sep 28 , 2 p.m. to Sunday, Oct 1 , 2 p.m.


Early Bird 4 Day Pass (until June 30): $89.00 | Regular 4 Day Pass (after June 30): $109.00


8 Rue Queen, Montréal, QC H3C 2N5, Canada