Saturday, July 6

* Montreal Comiccon
* GOAL festival
* Festival de l’Inde
* Fireworks at Village au Pied-du-Courant
* Burgerplatz

Friday, July 5

* Food trucks at Olympic Park
* Future Peers and Mark ii at Diving Bell
* Courtney Barnett at MTELUS
* Startup Fashion Week runway show
* MTL Dub Session

Thursday, July 4

* Montréal Complètement Cirque
* Stranger Things night at Hangar 51
* Hui Li and Chivengi at Parc Baile
* Little You Little Me at Barfly
* Ten Kills the Pack at URSA
* Humidex label launch at Datcha

Wednesday, July 3

* Petite-Patrie Paarty
* Double vernissage at Galerie Simon Blais
* Children of Chemistry at Parc Lafontaine
* Music Is My Sanctuary at Pied-de-Courant
* Jazz Fest MLice at Turbo Haus

Tuesday, July 2

* Startup Fashion Week at Marché des Éclusiers
* alt-J at Place des Arts
* Bryan Adams at the Bell Centre
* Miles Davis night at Club Pelicano
* Casual Hex and Post Pink at Brasserie Beaubien

Monday, July 1

* Canada Day Parade
* Portishead’s Dummy at Jazz Fest
* Lee Fields plays Club Soda
* Comedy night at Blue Dog
* The Silence of Others outdoor cinema

Sunday, June 30

* Grumman 78 drag brunch
* Marché des Possibles
* KMW/Kizi street fair
* Sci-fi poetry launch at Casa
* la Force at MTELUS

Saturday, June 29

* Beyond the Notes at Cinéma du Parc
* Fireworks at Clocktower Beach
* Kyle Bobby Dunn plays This Life Flattened
* CupcakKe at Fairmount
* evoked responses at Hangar 51