Architectural Features of Casinos in Montreal

Let’s go on a journey to explore the design elements that make Montreal’s casinos unique destinations. Here’s what to know about the iconic Casino de Montréal.

Many people in North America still prefer to travel to play their favorite casino games. Sure, these days, anyone can open online casino Azerbaijan and start playing right away. Indeed, the iGaming industry in Europe has been boosting lately. You can read a list of casinos online in Europe and choose the criteria by which you pick the one for you, from game selection to security. Yet, it’s not always the same as visiting a casino in real life. For example, casinos in Montreal will send you on a cultural and architectural journey.

Montreal is known for its incredible casino scene. People often come here to play, have a great time, and immerse themselves in a magical casino atmosphere. However, beyond traditional gambling games, Montreal casinos can also awe you with their architectural features. Local casinos did a wonderful job of blending the old with the new and creating complete, true-to-regional spaces for all the adventure seekers out there.

The Casino de Montréal

Let’s start with the granddaddy of them all, the Casino de Montréal. This place is like a time machine, taking you back to the excitement of Expo 67, the World Fair. Remember those cool pavilions showcasing different countries? Well, the casino actually used to be two of them – France and Quebec! The architects didn’t just tear down these beauties. Instead, they gave them a whole new life as a casino, keeping the original brutalist concrete design. Think bold shapes and a no-nonsense kind of vibe.

But they didn’t just leave it all rough and rugged. The entrance is amazing — a giant canopy that looks like a modern sculpture stretches out to welcome you. It’s covered in cool, wavy gold-colored panels that let the light peek through spectacularly. The architects call it “perforated lace,” and it definitely adds a touch of playfulness, hinting at the fun that awaits inside.

Step into the lobby, and you’ll see what they mean by playful. The designers sprinkled subtle gambling references throughout the space, like colored rings swirling around the elevator shaft and card suit patterns hiding on the walls and ceilings. It’s all very subtle but adds to the casino atmosphere. And then there’s this giant, five-story media screen – a technological marvel that puts on a mesmerizing light show.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. The architects really cared about the details. Remember those gold-wavy panels from the outside? They show up again throughout the interior, tying everything together. The color scheme is black and gold, which feels fancy and exciting, just like you’d expect in a place where you might win big (or maybe not, but hey, it’s all about having fun, right?).

Industrial Chic Meets Modernity

Now, let’s move on to a place with a completely different vibe – the Playground. This casino isn’t about all glitz and glam. It’s tucked away in an old brick warehouse and embraces that industrial past. Exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and polished concrete floors are raw, edgy, and cool. The architects didn’t try to hide the building’s history. 

Instead, they used the exposed brick and high ceilings. This way, they’ve cleverly kept some of the “warehouse feel” alive. Think of subtle reminders like the hum of ventilation or a touch of metallic accents. But don’t worry, it’s still all about comfort. Modern soundproofing keeps things quiet for focused gaming, and air conditioning ensures a fresh atmosphere. This thoughtful blend of old and new creates a truly unique space where the thrill of the game is perfectly complemented by the building’s history and modern comforts.

But the Playground isn’t stuck in the past. Modern touches are everywhere, from the sleek furniture to the dramatic lighting that creates little pockets of intimacy. It’s like a cool mix of old and new, perfectly reflecting Montreal’s character as a city that cherishes its history but also looks to the future.

Sustainability and Design

Montreal’s casinos extend their focus beyond captivating entertainment and thrilling games. They are commendably committed to sustainable design principles. This translates to environmentally responsible practices, ensuring the buildings themselves contribute positively to the planet while patrons enjoy their pursuits of fortune. 

The planned expansion of the Montreal Casino aspires to LEED certification, a globally recognized standard for green building. This focus on sustainability underscores a forward-thinking approach, solidifying their position as leaders in responsible entertainment architecture.

Final Thoughts

So, skip the usual tourist traps and check out Montreal’s casinos. They’re more than just places to gamble. They’re like hidden architectural gems waiting to be explored. From the fancy and impressive Casino de Montréal to the fun and edgy Playground, each casino has its own story. You might just walk away with a fun memory, a new appreciation for design, and maybe even some cash in your pocket. Montreal’s casinos – where luck meets bold design and a whole lot of fun!