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Student Housing in Montreal: Comfort and Living Conditions

Montreal’s diverse housing options allow students to find the best one that suits their tastes and capabilities. Moreover, a range of other benefits will surprise you even more.

With a prestigious level of education, a rich cultural heritage, and plenty of opportunities and entertainment, Montreal is a favorite city for many students from different disciplines. Housing affordability is one of the primary advantages of the second largest Canadian city, offering to choose the most suitable housing option for you.

Advantages of Montreal for Student Accommodation

As the Quebec province’s largest city, Montreal offers a variety of opportunities and ideas for spending time that combines developing valuable skills and having fun. By bringing together students from many corners of the world with different views and tastes, the city paves the way for in-depth study of the specifics of diverse cultures and traditions, expanding everyone’s horizons and providing valuable knowledge for conducting academic studies.

Renowned for its educational institutions, with curriculum and instruction programs that meet the highest quality standards, Montreal opens the door to broad professional and personal development prospects. The University of Montreal, College LaSalle, Imagine Arts Academy, Polytechnic School of Montreal, Dawson College, Trebas Institute, and Concordia University are just a few of the long list of educational institutions offering representatives of any academic discipline to gain unique knowledge and become highly skilled experts.

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However, the promising offer for students does not end with receiving a high-level education. With a wide range of internships and work offers, Montreal allows students and graduates from different specializations to develop their hard and soft skills, boosting social and personal growth. A diverse labor market satisfies the requests of specialists from multiple industries, while numerous opportunities find reflection in:

  • valuable practices and other ways for professional development;
  • promising membership in startup companies;
  • establishing professional ties;
  • pumping teamwork, communication, adaptation, and other skills;
  • ensuring financial independence;
  • and much more.

In addition to promising academic and career opportunities, Montreal is a treasure trove of attractions, housing countless ideas for cultural enrichment. Among them are visits to galleries, museums, and theaters with a long history, dynamic music festivals, and many other events that saturate the pastime with the brightest emotions.

Housing Options for Students in Montreal

Montreal offers students a variety of accommodation options, each with its advantages. This allows everyone to find the most suitable option according to their financial capabilities and wishes.

On-Campus Housing

Many educational institutions in Montreal allow their students to live in campus housing. Concordia University, for example, offers excellent on-campus housing conditions. A striking example is the Grey Nuns Residence, located in the heart of Montreal, which provides multiple room options and comfortable conditions.

Another educational institution is McGill University, which has Solin Hall, Carrefour Sheebrooke Residence, and other campus buildings for student accommodation. The proximity to the university is one of the many amenities, making this housing option worth your consideration.

Joint Apartment Rental

This type of accommodation in Montreal is one of the most popular during student years due to the affordable price, pleasant company, and many other advantages. Selecting this housing option allows you to separate the rent and utilities payments. Montreal offers a wide selection of apartments and rooms with comfortable living conditions, available for search on various online resources and social media communities.

Flat Rent

Montreal offers many housing options for single accommodation with many advantages. At the top of the list is setting your own rules and accompanying opportunities. This option will be most suitable if you decide to get married before college, with comfortable conditions provided for the newlyweds. Apartment prices vary depending on various factors, offering many options. It would be the best idea to take care of finding an apartment or room to rent in advance to ensure the most comfortable conditions.


Many students live with other families in Montreal and rent apartments or rooms in their houses. This promotes deeper immersion in local culture and traditions, expanding one’s knowledge base and pumping language skills. No less significant is the support provided by local residents, which is extremely important for students due to the many difficulties and obstacles. The Canadian Homestay Network is an example of an organization whose representatives lend a helping hand to those who are looking for this housing option.

Montreal’s Vibrant Neighborhoods 

When considering apartments and other housing options for students in Montreal, it is one of the priorities to explore a neighborhood known for its unique features and is a favorite location of opportunity.

For instance, Mile End is a favorite destination for many student communities and creative people. The galleries, music spaces, and widespread bagel shops located here will instantly immerse you in the city’s atmosphere, revealing many ways for all-around development.

Plateau-Mont-Royal is an equally energetic area, a favorite place for students from various educational institutions, artists, and many people with exciting stories. Bustling and lively streets with colorful houses, attractive cafes, shops, etc., allow you to choose where to go regardless of your mood. At the same time, the nearby Mount Royal Park is everyone’s favorite place for walking, reading academic materials or online books with the cutting-edge app, hanging out with friends, and other pastime options.

Concluding Words

Multiple available housing options for students in Montreal allow everyone to choose the best one to satisfy their needs. At the same time, many other opportunities will significantly saturate your time.