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Knuckles x Beyond the Plate: Making the knives and sourcing the fish to prepare a feast

Watch Season 4, Episode 2 of Beyond the Plate, presented in partnership with Cult MTL.

This second episode of Beyond the Plate, season 4 (presented in partnership with Cult MTL), was an epic film shoot with multiple locations, and endless laughter, joy and wonderment. You would think they’ve “seen it all,” but Knuckles co-owners Matthew Shefler and chef Vincent Lévesque Lepage had smiles splashed across their faces — the men were boys again, giddy with wide-eyed enthusiasm.

Visiting bladesmith Yelle’s Cutlery and making our very own chef knives, followed by a visit to local fish harvester/supplier Opercule, culminating in a feast back at the restaurant in Villeray — with a full-circle moment for chef, who used his very own chef knife to prepare his spectacular dish — made for a remarkable day.

It thrilled me to no end knowing that it is still possible to surprise people. This industry is a grind, which makes an adventure away that much more appreciated. Thank you, Knuckles, Yelle’s and Opercule for a fantastic ride!

Beyond the Plate, featuring Matthew Shefler and Vincent Lévesque Lepage of Montreal restaurant Knuckles

Produced and Hosted by Heidi Small

Filmed and Directed by Ezra Soiferman

Knife sequence filming: Liv Ruckenstein

Edited by Teagan Lance

Graphic Design & Logo by Alex Chocron

Beyond the Plate by Heidi Small is an experience brought to you by Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove.

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