Dépanneurs and Theatre, Together at Last

Théâtre Ste-Catherine’s artistic director Alain Merciera offers the top 5 reasons that theatre and dépanneurs belong together, leading up to the opening of “Maximum Paradise,” the latest installment of his DéPFLIES comedy theatre series

Ultra-local meets international at Café Sardine

Warm lime donuts and stellar coffee were all it took for Café Sardine to begin building its reputation as a Mile-End destination since it opened in February of this year. Soon after, hungry hordes of office workers looking for a quick but high-quality meal swarmed the cozy boîte, indulging in carnitas and duck egg and bacon sandwiches.

But once Chef Aaron Langille got going with his nightly card of ultra-local small plates, lovers of salt and sugar-poached mackerel from all over Montreal flocked to the Fairmount Avenue café for creamy squash flan with hazelnut butter and beef cheeks so tender they melt into puddles of flesh at a glance.