Burger Week — Café Pavé

Cult MTL staffers do burger week!

VEGGIE BURGER: Not quite a burger
Photo by Amie Watson

As the only veggie option on the Burger Week MTL card, the new Café Pavé on Notre-Dame W. in the Old Port had its work cut out for itself. How do you compete with bison, AAA beef, bacon? Well, that would be Epic Meal Time’s argument, and many would agree, but after overdosing on red meat, there’s a certain appeal to a balance of sweet corn, spicy-smooth black beans, cumin seeds and ranch dressing on a toasted baguette.

The dish is more like a spread than a burger, and the server told me it would come less than hot (intentionally) so I could taste all the flavours. Thoughtful, since it’s definitely on a heat scale for wimpy Montrealers, and some (me, for instance) prefer it spicy hot.

A fresh, flavourful and a generous lunch sandwich, Café Pavé’s burger is for those who love fresh spices and high-quality ingredients, and who want more subtle and less over-the-top beefy flavours than most of the Burger Week MTL offerings. Added plus: The onion confit slices in the accompanying side salad pump up the smooth purée/burger. Vegetarians, rejoice. 8/10

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