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Why Trudeau stepping down is not the answer

If Justin Trudeau steps down as Prime Minister, it will be the nail in the coffin for the Liberals in 2025.

As the Conservatives maintain their near 20-point lead over the Liberals in voting intention, a new study by the Angus Reid institute has found that introducing a new party leader is not the solution to the Liberals’ poor poll numbers, and that Justin Trudeau stepping down could drive even more people away from the party. 

Calls for Trudeau to quit have of course primarily come from Conservatives for purely political reasons, and this study suggests that if he were to step aside and trigger a leadership race, he could be playing right into their hands.

While 3 in 10 uncommitted voters do agree that Justin Trudeau is holding them back from supporting the Liberals, ARI data finds that none of his prospective replacements would be able to sway enough of the general voting public in order to increase support for the party among those who aren’t already committed Liberal voters.

Why Trudeau stepping down is not the answer

The study found that the Liberals’ best shot at winning the next election — which is still 16 months away — is by focusing on the issues that Canadians find most important: the cost of living, healthcare, housing affordability and climate change, to name a few. Improvements in these areas, which will have a direct impact on Canadians’ quality of life, can be measured and used to discredit the Conservatives’ bogus claims that “Canada is broken.”

Why Trudeau stepping down is not the answer

Angus Reid also reports that 16% of uncommitted voters would never vote Liberal because of the party’s “woke” politics.

It’s always interesting to see a word that literally refers to understanding the plight of minorities and marginalized people being used in such a negative context, as though having empathy and using common sense is a bad thing.

It’s also unfortunate that a centrist party like the Liberals would be criticized for inclusivity and trying to appeal more broadly, rather than just to those on the “right” or “left.”

Needless to say, the Liberals don’t have to worry about the so-called “anti-woke” vote. People who criticize everything that Trudeau does aren’t going to vote Liberal in the next election anyway.

But staying focused on improving our collective quality of life, at a time when political rhetoric and bullying — not to mention misinformation from the opposition — is at an all-time high, is what Canada needs.

The data is clear. Justin Trudeau stepping down is not the answer to closing the gap with the Conservatives, and if he does, it will be the nail in the coffin for the Liberals in 2025. ■

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