Bistro la Franquette Montreal Restaurant review Guide

Montreal Restaurant Guide: Bistro la Franquette

“It’s hard to remember the Westmount dining scene without Bistro la Franquette.”

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Bistro la Franquette

Though it still feels like the new kid on the block, it’s hard to remember the Westmount dining scene without Bistro la Franquette. From his days running the kitchens at Pastel and Fantôme to his string of wildly successful “Baby Duck” pops-ups, chef Louie Deligianis is known around town as one of the city’s most talented cooks. At Franquette, he deftly lays his hand on bistro classics. Vegetables and proteins are cooked with masterful precision, sauces are rich when they ought to be and delicate when not. The menu is dynamic, moving from springy and briny house-made halloumi to a beef tartare ‘club sandwich’ to guinea fowl, sweetbreads or a perfect steak frites. Co-owner and general manager Renée Deschenes, for her part, oversees a solid front-of-house team while providing an exceedingly warm and welcoming brand of hospitality and keeping a very well-stocked wine cellar. (374 Victoria)

Montreal Restaurant Guide: Bistro la Franquette

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