L’Express Montreal Restaurant review Guide

Montreal Restaurant Guide: L’Express

The bistro that needs no introduction.

The following is a capsule review of the Montreal restaurant L’Express. To read the 2023 Montreal restaurant guide, please click here.


The bistro that needs no introduction. Open since 1980, l’Express is perhaps the city’s most beloved dining institution. Classic French fare like steak frites and rognons de veau are served in the generously lit, Luc Laporte-designed dining room. While the restaurant isn’t known for being particularly innovative, the daily specials have gotten a lot more playful in recent years and have graduated from casual curiosities to frequently must-order dishes. 44 years after its opening, l’Express feels refreshed and reinvigorated and may be better than it has been in some time. (3927 St-Denis)

Montreal Restaurant Guide: L’Express

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