Dangereens Taverne Tour Montreal 2024

Montreal bar-crawl music fest Taverne Tour is here to save us from the February blahs

The 2024 edition of this exceptional winter concert series is happening this week, from Feb. 8 to 10.

I’m not going to tart it up for you fine, furry folks: February absolutely sucks.The constant spectrum of greys seems overpowering as it all too quickly shrouds us in pitch black as temperatures plummet to ridiculous depths.

Having said that, most of us have finally made a dent into credit card bills from the holidays and cabin fever starts poking us in the ribs. The second month of the year is when most Montrealers (who don’t snowboard) finally admit defeat and step away from binge-watching Netflix. To further entice you and drag you into the subzero temps is the always great Taverne Tour, which returns again this year and will absolutely take over a hefty chunk of the Plateau from Feb. 8 to 10. Although most of the truly sweet shows this month are happening under the Taverne Tour banner, there are still some pretty rad gigs off the beaten path to get you braving the bullshit that is the mid-winter blues. 

On Friday, Feb. 9, Taverne Tour is on its sophomore night and really starts getting lit with a couple of barnstormers, starting off with Sub Pop’s sweet trio Sweeping Promises with Dana and Feeling Figures at Sala (4848 St-Laurent, show 8 p.m., $25). If you swoon for the croon you can’t go wrong with the sheer lung power of Promises’ lead bellower Lira Mondal.

On the flippity-flop of Friday night, la Tulipe is the swinging shindig where you can catch tried and true garage legend Jon Spencer, who will put the sweat on the walls with localizers Population II. If you think rock ‘n’ roll has relic’d, think again. (4530 Papineau, Feb. 9, show 8 p.m., $34.99). (If you were hoping to squeeze into le Ministère to catch one of our true local treasures, TEKE::TEKE with Pantayo and Samwoy, you are unfortunately fucked without a kiss as the gig is long sold out. Bummeroo!)

Montreal bar-crawl music fest Taverne Tour is here to save us from the February blahs

The final night for Taverne Tour slams shut, starting with the king of power pop Paul Collins’ Beat when he lets the Rickenbacker clang and shimmer with the rock ‘n’ roll swagger of Dangereens. This is all happening at l’Esco, so bring a tambourine (4461 St-Denis, Feb. 10, show 10 p.m., $25.17). 

Local hypnotists Suuns will provide the hairpin turns and motorik groove at Sala with Activity and DahL (4848 St-Laurent, Feb. 10, show 8 p.m., $25). Second Ben Shemie gig in a week! Take that James Brown!!!

Finally, the band that I can’t believe is not immense yet, Pypy, will put the punk back into post-punk at le Ministère with Hot Garbage and Shunk. If I were you, I would grip tix as soon as you read this as this will definitely sell out. (4521 St-Laurent, Feb. 10, show 9 p.m., $25.17).

There is still plenty happening after the Taverne Tour pulls up stakes for another year, but if you were hoping to see Municipal Waste with the thrash-tastic Ghoul, Necrot and Dead Heat on Feb. 20 at the totally metal approved venue Foufounes, this thing sold out so long ago, you were still in short pants. 

You should be excited to see Militarie Gun at Foufs on Feb. 17, but you should really be bursting at the seams to see Spiritual Cramp, who take up the sweat slot for that show. Be there early to watch them wipe the floor with the closer as support acts Pool Kids and Spaced look on stunned. 87 Ste-Catherine E., show 7:30 p.m., $30.20 

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This article was originally published in the Feb. 2024 issue of Cult MTL. Check out our other Taverne Tour 2024 highlights article here.

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