Montreal Restaurant Guide: Tripolis

“The king of the Greek grill.”

The following capsule review of Tripolis is part of the 2023 Montreal Restaurant Guide. To read the complete issue, please click here.


The king of the Greek grill. After selling the beloved Parc Ex location to new ownership back in 2010, fans of this iconic eatery were left with a gaping hole. That is until the original owners decided to open up shop again, only this time in a nondescript strip mall in Laval. A meal at Tripolis is built around what comes off the grill. Sure, you can’t miss with the salty loukaniko or souvlaki, but you and I both know that you made the trip to the north shore for a heaping plate of blushing lamb chops. (5034 Samson, Laval)

Montreal Restaurant Guide: Tripolis

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