Montreal damas review Restaurant Guide

Montreal Restaurant Guide: Damas

“A veritable institution in Montreal’s fine-dining scene.”

The following is a capsule review of the Montreal restaurant Damas. To read the 2023 Montreal restaurant guide, please click here.


A veritable institution in Montreal’s fine-dining scene. Run by chef/owner Fouad Alnirabie, Damas is known for its elaborate and sensationally delicious 10-course tasting menus. Moving beyond simple kebabs and mezze (although they do have them and they are outstanding), Alinarabie’s menu covers land and sea and can include, at any time, perfectly prepared lamb, charred octopus, or succulent shrimp fragrant with Aleppo pepper, garlic and tahini. The food’s only equals are the ornate and spectacular dining room and the wine cellar which holds some of the city’s rarest and most coveted bottles. (1201 Van Horne)

Montreal Restaurant Guide: Damas

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