DLYS Appalaches Granddaddy Punch

We reviewed a notoriously bad brand of weed from Sutton

“At the peak of its powers, though, this’ll get you straight f*cked.”

If you take much stock in what Reddit has to say, the weed I’m about to review is absolute dogshit. DLYS Appalaches is grown around Sutton, in the Eastern Townships, and in those parts you’d expect a pretty high-quality product. Instead, you’ve got people calling it “le pire pot à la SQDC, point finale.” 

Oof! I suppose this represents a good opportunity to see for myself if this is actually as poor as the Reddit potheads seem to think. Only one way to find out, I guess! Let’s dive in.

DLYS Appalaches Granddaddy Punch (Hybrid)

Though this batch isn’t QUITE as bad as certain Redditors are saying, there definitely is a little too much stem with each of the buds I see in my container. For strictly aesthetic reasons at least, it’s not one of the better SQDC strains you’ll find. There’s no question about its potency, as the batch I picked up clocks in at 25.3% (with 2.2% terpenes in the mix, too). It’s a high I mostly seem to feel around my eyes and face, so you’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting any sort of body high with this one.

The buds are easily the most frustrating part of this strain. For one, they’re definitely showing more stem than they should, and it feels a bit like I’m not getting my money’s worth for a mere $25. When you try to grind the buds you do get, they’re very sticky and almost rubbery, so it’s hard to break them down to smaller pieces. They aren’t super moist, but they also aren’t brittle enough to break down with your fingers, or even with an actual grinder (or at least, MY actual grinder). Also, any scent or fragrance when you smell them feels nigh-unnoticeable. This strain also goes down a bit too harshly when you smoke it from a pipe.

Sometimes, this strain keeps your brain wired and active in a way that makes you think you’re smoking a sativa. It can definitely cause your thoughts to race though, and not always in a good kind of way. At its worst, it does tend to get you a little too self-analytical. That’s what it did for me, and it’s probably a sign I should stop smoking it whenever that happens.

Overall, it can be a double-edged sword: sometimes I’m super active, while other times I feel quite sleepy.

At the peak of its powers, though, this’ll get you straight fucked. For example, me listening to Sampha’s comeback single “Spirit 2.0” after smoking this feels like a trip of epic proportions at times (also, holy shit, that’s Yaeji singing in Korean at the very end!). It also makes me feel more immersed and involved in Grian Chatten’s album — which I reviewed in this issue — while listening to it again a couple times.

For all of its moments where it actually packs a “punch” (sorry, I know, low-hanging fruit), there were at least a couple instances where the high died off sooner than I would’ve liked it to. (Side note: I wrote this column while the smog outside rendered Montreal’s air quality the third-worst in the world — trailing only Jakarta and Lahore as I wrote this.) 

Overall, the SQDC Redditors are being a bit dramatic, despite their valid criticisms. This weed has its moments, but also leaves a fair bit to be desired. It’s not the worst government-approved weed you can smoke, but definitely among the weaker ones I’ve tried for this column.

Rating: 6/10

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