Fairmont Chateau Frontenac

Quebec City wants The White Lotus season 3 to be filmed at the Château Frontenac

“Dear Mike White, You know, this has always been a bit of a dream for us. And we’ve been thinking about it for a while: to be one of the next destinations for your acclaimed series, The White Lotus.”

The Quebec City tourism office, known as Destination Québec Cité (DQC), has picked up on the idea popularized on social media that cities should bid, Olympics style, to have a season of The White Lotus filmed in their town.

In their full-blown pitch to the creator of the HBO series — which wrapped season 2 on Dec. 11 and remained the most popular TV show streaming in Canada last week — DQC lays out six reasons why Quebec City would be an ideal location for the series’ sexy antics and whodunit intrigue. The points ranged from the value of the exchange rate to “the magic of winter,” which would be a sharp contrast to the series’ previous beach resort settings in Maui and Sicily. DQC is specifically pitching the imposing, palatial Fairmont Château Frontenac to stand in for the White Lotus Resort.

“We’re inviting you to our city because we believe Quebec City is a destination extraordinaire. With its majestic Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, historic fortifications, architectural treasures and over 400 years of history next to 21st century modernity, Quebec City will undoubtedly give The White Lotus a certain je ne sais quoi as captivating as the city itself.

“Come see for yourself.”

—Robert Mercure, DQC general manager/director

Quebec City wants The White Lotus season 3 to be filmed at the Château Frontenac

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