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Carey Price has officially been placed on Long-Term Injured Reserve (LTIR)

“I just want to thank everyone who has been supportive over the past few weeks, months and years. It has been a very emotional time for myself. Merci. GO HABS GO!”

In a press conference alongside newly signed Hab Kirby Dach, Montreal Canadiens GM Kent Hughes announced that Carey Price is officially on LTIR (Long Term Injured Reserve) as of today.

Hughes made it clear that the Carey Price LTIR announcement was forthcoming in an Aug. 19 press conference about the team’s acquisition of Calgary Flames centre Sean Monahan. Hughes confirmed then that here had been no improvement regarding Price’s knee injury, and that it was likely that he would not play in the upcoming season.

“At the moment, the news about Carey is rather discouraging since there has been no improvement. This summer, he underwent knee injections and it didn’t help. We do not expect Carey to be available for the beginning of the season. Quite honestly, I don’t know if there is a way that would allow him to play this season.”

—Kent Hughes, Aug. 19

Hughes said it’s likely that Price would require another surgery before returning to play, as opposed to continuing to simply rehab his knee as he did for most of last season. More will be known after his upcoming training camp physical in the coming weeks (reportedly happening on or around Sept. 21), Hughes added, at which time another press conference with Price and one of his doctors will likely take place.

In the 2021–22 season-closing press conference on April 30, Price said that while he would optimistically prepare for the next season, it was possible that the previous night’s game — his 700th start in his NHL career — was his last.

Price went on to win the Bill Masterton Trophy for perseverance and sportsmanship on June 3.

Carey Price has officially been placed on Long-Term Injured Reserve (LTIR)

The Montreal Canadiens now have an additional $10.5-million in cap space, but Dach’s four-year, $13.45-million contract still leaves them over the offseason cap, and 10% above the regular season cap.

This article was originally published on Aug. 18 and updated on Sept. 8, 2022.

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