Funding Options for Britons with Active Self-Exclusion

Online gambling and funding options are still available to the highly-motivated GamStop restricted gambler.

For the most part, British online gamblers are very fortunate to have access to the GamStop Self-exclusion scheme. That access ensures problem gamblers that they have a way to protect themselves when their gambling activities start creating personal problems. 

However, each British online gambler who signs on to be part of the GamStop database has an obligation to make sure that’s what they really want to do. They only should sign on with the scheme if they have legitimate concerns about their gambling. 

In the following sections, the discussion will focus on the Britons who register with GamStop only to have a subsequent change of heart. The discussion will cover available gambling alternatives and how the active self-excluded gambler can fund those alternatives.

How GamStop Works

Before discussing alternatives that are available to GamStop registered gamblers, it seems prudent to briefly discuss how the GamStop Self-exclusion scheme works. 

The scheme is strictly voluntary, which means British online gamblers have to initiate the GamStop registration process. They can do that by going directly to the GamStop website or locating the GamStop link that should be available in the “responsible gambling” section of each UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) licensed online gambling operator. 

The registration process is easy and free. Gamblers are only required to provide identification information and select the length of their self-exclusion. The identification information needed includes:

  • Legal name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Legal address
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers

Once the registration process has been completed and the application approved, British gamblers will be blocked from accessing any licensed UK gambling site that has subscribed to the GamStop scheme. Once the self-prescribed exclusion period ends, the GamStop gambler will be allowed to resume their gambling activities.

Getting Around GamStop

While the GamStop works as intended, it doesn’t prevent the highly motivated GamStop gambler from gambling. They may not be allowed to use their favorite UK online gambling sites, but they do have viable alternatives. 

It’s worth noting that some of the alternatives are a little riskier than what UK gamblers might encounter with a licensed operator. However, many of these alternatives are still safe and secure. Here is a list of the most viable GamStop online gambling alternatives:

  • Crypto-only gambling sites that bypass the registration identification process
  • Offshore online gambling sites that readily accept Britons
  • UK gambling accounts opened under authorized assumed names
  • Gambling sites with weak account approval protocols
  • UK gambling sites that are not licensed and or GamStop subscribed

The last option on this list would be of particular interest to any online gambler who wants to remain loyal to the British online gambling community. Many of these unlicensed sites are reliable and reputable in spite of the fact they have decided to avoid the UKGC’s licensing process. Information about the best of these non-GamStop casinos is available at

Funding Non-GamStop Alternatives

At a time when the UKGC is trying to stop online gamblers from using credit cards to fund their online gambling activities, there are lots of questions related to getting around such restrictions. The truth is online gamblers are only restricted by their willingness to seek out funding alternatives. That also applies to the active GamStop self-excluded gambler. 

Here are some of those funding alternatives by GamStop gambling alternative.

  • Try Land-Based Offline Casinos: Since GamStop only has its effect on online gambling operators, you can always hit up land-based casinos during a weekend trip to Edinburgh or Birmingham.
  • Crypto-only Gambling sites: When available, using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin offers the best protection against GamStop detection. This protection is afforded by the anonymity that comes with crypto transactions going through a blockchain where no personal information is required.
  • Offshore Gambling Sites: When gambling offshore, Brits might be required to use a VPN to get around connection restrictions. After getting around these restrictions, the available funding alternatives will typically include credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express), eWallet options like Neteller and Skrill, and perhaps a few local prepaid deposit card options.
  • The UK gambling sites with weak approval protocols, no licensing, or accounts listed under assumed names: With these options, standard funding options are applicable as long as those options are not connected with the GamStop registered gambler’s name or personal information. This would include bank transfers, credit cards, cryptos when applicable, and eWallet accounts. 

As a gambling account funding sidenote, it’s worth noting that some very popular funding methods like PayPal or Apple pay are not usually available. But remember, PayPal’s ban is not the problem, there are plenty of other alternatives.

There is some evidence to suggest that more UK and offshore operators are starting to offer such options wherever and whenever the funding platform is willing to give a green light. 

Indeed, GamStop self-excluded gamblers will face challenges if they decide to resume their gambling activities before their self-exclusion expires. With that said, the information provided above makes it clear that online gambling and funding options are still available to the highly-motivated GamStop restricted gambler.