A majority of Canadians believe religion fails to be a positive force in the world

A minority of Canadians think religion is a force for good.

According to a study by the Angus Reid Institute on spirituality in Canada, a minority of Canadians, 45%, believe that religion has a positive impact on the world.

The percentage of those who believe this of course increases among Canadians who identify as more religious — those who the survey categorize as “Privately Faithful” and “Religiously Committed” — than less religious — “Non-Believers” and “Spiritually Uncertain.”

“This question on whether religion’s overall impact is positive highlights a key difference between the Spiritually Uncertain and Privately Faithful, with the former largely united in disagreeing, while the latter are more divided, but lean toward agreement.”

—Angus Reid Institute

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A majority of Canadians agree religion fails to be a positive force in the world

Despite Canadians’ negative perceptions of religion overall, a large majority believe that Pope Francis is a force for good.

The survey also found Quebec to be the least religious province in Canada.

This article was originally published on April 18 an updated on July 27, 2022.

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