Examples of the Most Successful Solopreneurs 

The people who succeed as solopreneurs are often those who make money doing what they love.

Solopreneur is a coined word between solo and entrepreneur. It refers to a person who operates a business on his/her own. In many businesses, many people have to be involved, but the internet changed all this. Today, one can start a business because of the sheer number of tools and knowledge from the web.

There are many successful solopreneurs who have inspired others to take the same path. From writers to coaches and trainers, there is no shortage of successful individuals who made their mark by themselves. 

Marie Forleo

Marie is a business coach who believes that you can create a life that you love, along with a business that will make it possible. She has a unique approach to life, which she turned into a multi-million-dollar business.

Right now, she provides a wide array of free content. She has audio training and newsletters, and she has a show called MarieTV, which earned her an award.  

Here are her products:

  • Copy Cure – a course where she teaches copywriting
  • B-School – a business school where people can learn how to start a business and grow it

The course is only available once a year. However, people, who have purchased the course, can access it again if they want to.

Ryan Bales

Ryan started out as a freelancer for design and writing. His projects mainly consist of user experience and user interface designs, similar to those on websites like the casino Vulkan Bet.

He was so good at what he did that he got many clients from word-of-mouth; he never needed much marketing. The time came when he was taking in a lot of projects that he had to slow down.

He decided that he had to turn down projects and then create his own studio, which he did. Now, he runs a formidable business called Bync. It is a design studio that is focused on user interface data and design. Most of his clients are companies that have mobile apps. 

Allen Walton

Allen, according to himself, was a high school failure. His GPA was only 2.9. He worked in a camera store and was only making $11 per hour. One day, Allen had an idea, and he turned that idea into a website. He launched a website that focused on spy cameras. At the age of 27, he was able to make seven figures even when his business was not even a year old.

Here are some of his products:

  • GPS tracking
  • Audio surveillance
  • Phone monitoring
  • Hidden cameras
  • Bug detectors.

He named his website Spy Guy Security. He sells over a hundred products for spying. As the story goes, he launched his business for only $1,000. To get customers, he read a lot of books about search engine optimization and Google advertising.

Sara Blakely

Sara is the founder of Spanx, a line of pantyhose. Sara is now a billionaire, but she started out as a saleswoman for fax machines. 

She created Spanx out of inconvenience. One day, she was about to attend a professional event. She decided to cut the feet from her pantyhose, as the seam showed when she was wearing open-toed shoes. Doing this would make the hose roll up her shin, and this gave birth to an idea.

After two years, she started looking for manufacturing companies that could make the hose for her. Later on, she was having meetings with big companies or with representatives of big ones like the Neiman Marcus Group.

From there, her merchandise was placed in seven stores. Her winning strategy came from the Oprah Winfrey show. They gave away gift baskets of her products, and Oprah included Spanx in her list of favourite things.

Charmaine Pocek

Charmaine used to be a freelancer on Fiverr, offering various services to help her husband financially. Her specialty was to write resumes. As time went by, she started increasing her prices, and she is now earning $38,000 per month. 

Apart from writing resumes, she now offers to counsel. She also has her own website. When she started, she was only doing part-time work. Now, she is a full-time freelancer with various certifications.

From $5 gigs, she eventually transitioned to charging $800 from her clients.  

According to Charmaine, doing full-time work as a freelancer was scary. She knew that she would be alone and that there would be no guarantee to her income. She was brave enough to take on the challenge, and this catapulted her to the success she has right now.


Sometimes, there are also people who work in an industry, and they decide that they can make something better. For example, if you see ads like Vulkan Bet bonuses, you may have a better idea of how to market such a  product or how you can make a better experience for your consumers. There is no limit. 

There are many ways by which a person can succeed without the direct help of others. What one must first focus on is identifying what he loves so much. Most of the time, the people who succeed as solopreneurs are those that make money from what they love doing.