Carey Price video return

VIDEO: The return of Carey Price, from the ovation to a revealing post-game Q&A

“Obviously the reception was great. It was heartwarming — it made me feel really wanted.”

The Habs’ star goalie played his first game of the season with the Montreal Canadiens on Friday, a long-awaited momentous occasion for the player and the team, as well as fans at the Bell Centre and beyond. The Canadiens and the NHL celebrated the return of Carey Price with gratuitous video content before, throughout and after the game. 

VIDEO: Carey Price tribute and recap

VIDEO: Carey Price arrives at the Bell Centre, April 15

The Habs lost 3–0 to the New York Islanders, with all goals occurring in the third period, including one empty net goal. Price made 17 saves on 19 shots, while the Islanders’ Ilya Sorokin made an incredible 44 saves.

VIDEO: Carey Price emerges for warmups

Still, it was a triumphant return for Price, who has endured a battle with knee inflammation all season. He elaborated on that frustrating post-surgery recovery and how it feels to be back in net in a post-game press conference, his second meeting with the media this season.

VIDEO: Carey Price post-game press conference

“I thought we played a great game overall. It was a solid game. Their goaltender played really well for them tonight, so I’ve got to tip my hat to the guy at the other end. The guys played really well in front of me and made the workload a lot easier. It was a good game to get into.

“It’s definitely been a trying season for myself and for the team, so to be able to come back and feel somewhat normal — I didn’t feel quite normal, but pretty close. I just felt kind of an overwhelming sense of focus.

“I have to give a special thank you to the training staff who worked tirelessly to get me back into playing shape, playing at a level that is acceptable.

“I’m just thankful to be able to be back in net.”

Price said that going through the game-day routine was “a bit surreal” given that 283 days have passed since his last game. Having his family in his corner (literally, in warmups and during the second period) helped to keep him “loose” and “keep things in perspective.”

VIDEO: Carey Price and family

The game opened on an emotional note, with a massive ovation for Price, followed by “Carey!” chants throughout the game.

VIDEO: A standing ovation for Carey Price at the Bell Centre

“Obviously the reception was great. It was a lot of fun. It was heartwarming. It made me feel really wanted. It was definitely emotional, but I was able to stifle that and stay focused because I wanted to play well tonight.”

There was also a tribute and minute of silence for late Islanders legend (and Montrealer) Mike Bossy. Price opened his press conference by expressing condolences to Bossy’s family.

The Habs play the Washington Capitals at the Bell Centre tonight. There are seven games left in the season, which wraps up on April 29.

VIDEO: Post-game applause for Carey Price

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