Montreal Canadiens Habs Carey Price start last game season

Carey Price is skating again as his knee rehabilitation continues

The Habs’ absentee goalie was back at it on Friday and Saturday after two weeks off the ice.

Following the team’s 5–2 win against the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday night, the Canadiens announced that Carey Price has been skating again, and that his knee rehabilitation is continuing. According to the Habs’ tweet, Price skated on Friday and Saturday, following two weeks off the ice.

Carey Price is skating again as his knee rehabilitation continues

It remains unknown whether Price will play any games before the end of the Canadiens’ season on April 29, or even whether he will ever play again. During his Jan. 31 press conference (his only statement to the press this season), Price revealed that the state of his knee could prove to be career-ending. He said at the time that he would know more about his future, this season and beyond, in the first two weeks of February, but there has been no update since then.

Price has been training on and off the ice since his return to the team in the second week of November, following a month in the NHL players assistance program. He was in the program for a month for mental health issues related to substance use.

His knee rehabilitation follows surgery for a torn meniscus in July.

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